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Hey there minecraftians! Most of you are here because you are interested in joining our clan! Well if you aren't here to join our clan, still feel free to look around for a bit and see what we're all about! Mineiacs were started when a me (XxRAGAssassinxX) and IsaiahCraftable decided on wanting to make a name for ourselves and really meet new people and experience some great times! We decided on the name, Mineiacs, because we wanted to incorporate the word Minecraft into maniacs, so I decided on the word Mineiacs and it just kind of stuck. This clan is all about having fun and wanting to make friends and have laughs. While we also want to have fun, we also want to be the best at what we do meaning you need to have skill in SSM/Bridges to be a part of this clan because winning is a huge part of what we do here! If you think you have what it takes then apply here: http://mineiacs.iclanwebs ...
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